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Sunday, February 23, 2020

SGS Reflexcontrol®

An anti-reflective coating which drastically reduces glare and reflection of the vehicle's interior (interior lighting, dashboard, displays) on the glass.

Patented by Saint-Gobain

Functions & benefits

  • Higher safety through improved visibility
  • Better visual comfort for the driver and the passengers
  • Less eye soreness and tiredness for the driver 
  • More interior design freedom (clear materials) 

Application on driver side window, windshields, partition door for driver cab, SL, BL

Easy Stop

Easy Stop Wireless System

Easy stop

EasySTOP in the market

EasySTOP system in the field of local and long distance transport services is becoming day by day more important. This is also confirmed by the successful fitting, recently operated on a vehicle of the public local transport services company of the town of Modena (SETA). More in detail, a Mercedes Citaro, 12 mt. long, was the vehicle equipped with the last version of EasySTOP device, the one with an electrical panel functioning with 12 to 24 Volts current and capable of receiving two separate frequencies, one for the standard buttons (stop request) and the other for the buttons for disabile people. At the moment this vehicle is serving the local routes of the town of Modena and its surroundings. The EasySTOP wireless button system is environment friendly, extremely flexible and much cheaper than traditional stoprequest button systems. Great functionality and fitting easiness characterize the wireless button system EasySTOP, that consists of a control unit that, when receives an impulse from a microphone activated by an ultrasound button, produces a contact that can be used, for example, for a stop request. More and more italian and foreign companies are interested in EasySTOP. Easy Stop is a PRIMA industries products.

catching handle

Catching handle

catching handle

Catching handle P 31

PRIMA introduced officially at the recent FIAA 2012 exhibition in Madrid the P31, a new catching handle for citybuses, being the natural evolution of the historical models P30 and P318. The target of the project was to make customizable a product apparently very simple and PRIMA reached this aim, while offering an essential design and the possibility to have the main components (grip, handle body, fastener and cloth band) in different combinations of colors, by which the customer is free to create the object most suitable to the internal arrangement of his buses. The new P31 handle, which is already available for sale in the color combinations, is realized in two different solutions in order to be fitted on tubes having a diameter of 30 or 35 mm.

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