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Sunday, February 23, 2020

"Curly". The new pvc coil mats for bus flooring


"Curly". The new pvc coil mats for bus flooring

Perfect for passenger steps up. With lots of benefits!   


There are two main substitute products to PVC Coil Mats, i.e. rubber and carpet-based mats. As compared to the aforesaid substitute products, PVC Coil Mats have the following advantages:


• Comfort
• The “spaghetti” coil of PVC coil mats provides cushioning effect and allows pedestrians to have comfortable walking experience.

• Durability and long lasting
• PVC coil mat is more durable and more suited to endure the wear and tear of high pedestrian traffic.

• Safety
• Rain and snow melt off from shoes, thus prevent slippages.

• Super absorbency
• PVC coil mats can efficiently trap dust and dirt as well as rain and snow which melt off from shoes.
• PVC coil mats also absorb and trap harmful and annoying dust and dirt in the air and on floor surface areas. This helps in reducing the pollutants in the environment.

• Low maintenance, attractiveness and easy cleaning
• Cleaning of PVC coil mats can be done by simply rinsing the mats with running water. The mat will then dry very quickly.
• The dust and dirt is trapped under the spaghetti coils and is not apparent to the eyes. Hence, PVC coil mats looks neater and pleasing to the eyes.
• Special vinyl costing prevents staining from even the messiest shoes.
• It is water-proof and hence there is no concern about soggy mats due to rain or wet shoes.

• Capability of recycling
• Being a thermoplastic resin, PVC coil mats and their scrap can be collected and recycled into second generation products. Ability to recycle the product is an advantage, not only in terms of cost, but also in terms of being less detrimental to the environment


Here is "Curly", ideal for passenger steps up 

pvc bus flooring

pvc bus flooring

Technical sheet

roll size 1,22 x12 m
thickness13-14 mm
weight 3,6 kg /m2


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