Since 2006 Muta Srl is FISA representative. FISA is a leading company in Italy for the production of driver seats for buses, trains and subways. FISA: seats conceived, designed, designed and produced in Italy.

Born in 1960, FISA (Fabbrica Italiana Sedili Autoferroviari Srl) is an Italian company leader in the production of passenger railway seats and driver, and driver, specialized in the design and production of seats for public transport vehicles on rail and rubber. In the last ten years, passenger seats for trains together with locomotive driver seats have represented and represent 90% of production. 

FISA also stands out for its investments and for its willingness to enhance its production capacity. One of the main investments that FISA made in 2018 is a new robotic welding station which is added to the others and which will significantly increase the capacity of the welding department. 

A further step forward by FISA in the direction of production efficiency and better performance for our customers. FISA has a covered area of approximately 10,000 square meters and employs approximately 100 people, including internal and external employees.

For the Italian and foreign markets, FISA produces about 40,000 seats per year and is able to design and produce customized seats, made according to specific requests. All stages of the production cycle of the driver and passenger seats are carefully managed and controlled.

All FISA driver seats are extremely comfortable and at the same time reduced in weight and size. This facilitates the driver's movements inside the passenger compartment, generally very small in spaces.

Fisa has a solution for every need. Thousands of adjustments in the smallest footprint. The driver seats produced by Fisa are made with the best materials available, the care and professionalism in the design and construction make Fisa a market leader that can boast numerous national and international customers.

FISA operates with a quality management system in accordance with UNI EN ISO 9001 and is certified according to the strict IRIS (International Railway Industry Standard) standard, specific for manufacturers in the railway sector. Product safety is an indispensable point for its competitiveness, which is why FISA is constantly engaged in co-design activities with its Customers, and in the continuous updating on product safety issues.

Quality, safety and respect for the environment: important elements for continuous improvement, aimed at satisfying its customers.