Since 2009 Muta is Grammer agent for the bus and truck. But Grammer is a brand that also dominates the agricultural segment, working in the development and production of components and systems for car interiors and seats for drivers and passengers for agricultural vehicles, off-road vehicles, trucks, buses and trains.

Muta is a Grammer agent for the bus and truck sector. But Grammer is a brand that also dominates in the agricultural segment by working in the development of components and systems for seats for drivers and passengers for agricultural machines and off-road vehicles.

In the list of spare parts for the bus and truck sector, a very important role is reserved for the driver's seat. It is right to search for the most comfortable seats to try to reduce the vibrations transmitted to the driver who must be made easy all the functions he is called upon to perform, together with an adequate and relaxed posture.

The production standards and the quality of Grammer products makes the German company partner of the major automotive players such as Audi, BMW, Mercedes and other important car manufacturers. The Amberg-based company is driven by great innovation to improve the quality of life of bus drivers and the safety of people transported.

The Grammer innovation, both in the products for buses and for agricultural machines, can be found in particular:

  • in the air suspension of the seat
  • in fully automatic adjustment based on the weight of the driver to ensure a perfect journey
  • in the complete adjustment of the upper part of the seat, which allows the driver to find the most comfortable and relaxed accommodation
  • in the active air conditioning of the seat which avoids sweating of the body

As evidence of its innovative path, Grammer has recently obtained the TÜV LGA QualiTest Product testing and certification certificate for the MSG 90.6 series, KINGMAN AND TOUREA.