Muta is agent for Italy of the leader in mobile air conditioning systems in the bus sector. In addition, from 2019 Muta promotes and sells Konvekta climate systems for off-road work machines and operator cabins on the Italian market.

Konvekta is a global manufacturer of innovative air conditioning and cooling systems for commercial vehicles such as buses, construction and agricultural machinery, as well as rail and transport refrigeration vehicles. Konvekta stands out for the use of sustainable technologies and ecological materials and a high level of social commitment.

Konvekta is a company with more than 50 years of experience in the field of mobile air conditioning that operates in different divisions:


As a supplier of state-of-the-art climate systems for technical and savings solutions, Konvekta is a world leader in customized products in accordance with the customer's specific requests regarding heating, ventilation and air conditioning. Working closely with the major bus manufacturers, Konvekta is able to offer ad hoc solutions for every need.

This allows the development of dedicated units, capable of expressing high functionality in every field of application, in the different climatic areas in which they operate.

The Konvekta program of roof units for city and tourist buses includes a wide selection, compatible with any type of vehicle.


Important is the role that Konvekta plays in the first installation applications on cabins for agricultural vehicles. As a system provider, Konvekta follows the development from the design stage. So with integrated or split roof solutions, Konvekta is able to create customized systems based on advanced technical specifications. High technology combined with the quality of the components used, make the Konvekta systems resistant and highly performing, even in particularly critical operating conditions.

 The advantages of Konvekta climate systems 

  • Wide variety of operating conditions and assembly installation spaces; under or behind the seat solution, on the roof, sideways or in front.
  • High performance in small spaces, for example through the use of heat exchangers in various production processes
  • Use of low-wear technology, such as fans and brushless fans
  • Wide range of control solutions - from mechanical controls to semi-automatic and fully automatic control solutions for CAN climate control
  • Individual adaptation of control components and nozzles in the passenger compartment
  • Adaptation of filter technology to design requirements

All for the benefit of those who drive tractors, combine harvesters, self-propelled forage harvesters, sprayers and grape harvesters, and other machines typical of those employed in agriculture or who work on off-road machines such as excavators, wheel loaders, tractors or for example, reapers ...

When external climatic conditions can vary from -20 ° to + 40 °, dirt and dust, in addition to different climatic conditions, impose high requirements on the machines, their drivers and every single component. Indoor air quality is an important factor for the safety, well-being and health of drivers and therefore guaranteeing an ideal microclimate for those who drive agricultural or off-road machinery is very important.

With the agreement signed at the beginning of 2019 & nbsp;  with our partner Konvekta, MUTA promotes and sells on the Italian market  cabins for operators and air conditioning systems for agricultural and off-road machines.  We talk about refrigeration and heating systems, earth moving air conditioners, HVAC systems for agricultural machines, construction machines, excavators, forestry machines and special machines.

Konvekta heating and air conditioning systems offer just that: an optimal working climate and the necessary fresh air content for a concentration of 100%.

Konvekta is innovative technology that combines power with comfort and savings, both in standard components for universal use and in customized solutions. In any weather condition. Design of customized systems based on the most diverse conditions of use and the various assembly rooms. Positioning in different points of installation and installation in confined spaces. Continuous assistance during the project, from preliminary planning to system testing. Implementation of CO2-based air conditioners. Maximum expertise in the consulting phase, a proven proximity to customers and a post-sales network with perfect organization.

This is Konvekta. Fast, reliable, all over the world.


E-Bus-Award in the categoriy „components“ for Konvekta-CO2 heat pump 2.0

International busplaner sustainability award in the category „Bus equipment“ for the Konvekta CO2 heat pump Gen. 2

2013 & 2015
Busworld Innovation Label for the presentation of an environmentally friendly heat pump system with CO2 (R744) as refrigerant

German Environment Award for the development of an environmentally friendly a/c system

Presentation of world‘s fi rst refrigeration system with CO2 (R744) as refrigerant