Driver seats and air conditioning systems for buses and offroad machines

A wide selection of standard products and customized solutions in roof conditioning systems and integrated air conditioning units.

Air conditioning systems guarantee comfort and health for those traveling by bus or coach. Regardless of external weather conditions, an efficient and reliable air conditioning system is required to maintain a constant temperature of around 22 ° C inside the buses.

For buses and coaches MUTA offers a wide selection of standard products and customized solutions in roof air conditioning systems and integrated air conditioning units.

We are talking about centrifugal electric fans, Spal axial electric fans, air conditioning compressors, Knorr and Westinghouse compressors, Linnig and Lang electrofictions, cabin air filters, Eberspächer centrifugal fan, Thermoking pressure switches, Konvekta condensers, Valeo air conditioning condensers, Valeo air conditioning compressors, Gea-Bock-Bitzer air conditioning compressors.

We implement the chosen changes based on your needs. You can count on MUTA's long experience in the original equipment and in the retrofit, even with great attention to the environment.


As a partner of Konvekta, MUTA has long been committed to supporting carbon dioxide as a refrigerant system on buses, an already available ecological choice that drastically reduces the LCC (Life Cycle Costs) cycle and already adopted by many in anticipation of the restrictions foreseen by 2017 for the R134-A.

Konvekta is a world leading brand for the supply of state-of-the-art climate systems for technical and savings solutions with customized products in accordance with the customer's specific requests regarding heating, ventilation and air conditioning.

Working closely with the major bus manufacturers, Konvekta is able to offer ad hoc solutions for every need. This allows the development of dedicated units, capable of expressing high functionality in every field of application, in the different climatic areas in which they operate.

For all manufacturers, Konvekta provides its Climatic Chamber, its advanced and exclusive center in Germany where it operates environmental simulations with temperatures between -20 ° and + 60 ° to guarantee maximum performance and the quality of its heating units and refrigeration for buses, coaches and agricultural vehicles.

Among the services that MUTA provides there is first of all the installation of air conditioning systems that we carry out for various importers who sell foreign buses without air conditioning and that we, through the service centers part of our network, go to install .

More and more importance is also being placed on our training courses for the maintenance of air conditioning systems on buses and special vehicles. In fact, for several years MUTA has been accompanying bodies, companies and operators in the control and maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems on buses, buses and agricultural machinery.

Moreover MUTA carries out, always through its own centers, scheduled maintenance services, putting the vehicles in conditions of AC efficiency with the replacement of filters, cleaning of condensers and evaporators, washing systems and change of compressors.

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