Driver’s seats

Comfort is important for all the people working in the agriculture or driving off-road machines.
MUTA contributes to the safety and improvement of working conditions by proposing Grammer seats and Konvekta climate systems for agricultural and construction machinery.

Drivers seats. For buses, coaches, agricultural and offroad machines


Every person driving agricultural machines, operating machines, off-road vehicles knows how much a quality seat can make the difference in terms of comfort, both driving industrial vehicles or commercial vehicles.

A good seat helps to reduce vibrations transmitted to the driver and is a faithful ally of your back health.

Grammer is the company that Muta srl knows and represents for many years in Italy in the bus segment.

But thanks to its continuous innovation, Grammer is the world leader in seats for off-road vehicles and is among the first manufacturer of seats for agricultural machines, construction machines and construction machinery, trucks, buses and trains.

Grammer is synonymous with high quality, ergonomic and comfortable seats for all these types of vehicles. Grammer seats are in many respects the top of the range, adaptable to the weight of the driver and to the most diverse needs, to increase the comfort of the seat and to ensure excellent support even on uneven and inclined terrain.

Mounted on earth-moving machines or construction machinery, Grammer products for operating and off-road machines are the ideal solutions for extreme challenges. They offer maximum sitting comfort in limited spaces with comfort seats with pneumatic or low-frequency suspension, high-end premium seats with active seat climate control and active weight adjustment.

As well as being characterized by its innovative and quality products, Grammer is also very attentive to the environment, developing and producing products that respect the environment and pay great attention to risk-free disposal.

Confort for agricultural and offroad machines. Effective air conditioning and heating systems by Konvekta

Since 2019 MUTA is Konvekta agent for climate cabins and climate systems for agricultural and off-road machines. Roof solutions, integrated or split, Konvekta creates customized systems based on advanced technical specifications. High technology combined with the quality of its components, make the Konvekta systems resistant and highly performing, even in particularly critical operating conditions.

The comfort for those working in the fields has dramatically increased in recent years. The cabins for agricultural machines today are equipped with very effective air conditioning and heating systems and this for the benefit of those who drive tractors, combine harvesters, mixer chopper wagons, self-propelled sprayers and harvesters, and other machines typical of those employed in agriculture.

But even those who work on off-road machines such as excavators, wheel loaders, tractors or, for example, harvesters know how much the external climatic conditions can vary from -20 ° to + 40 °. Dirt and dust, in addition to different climatic conditions, impose high requirements on machines, their drivers and every single component.

Indoor air quality is an important factor for the safety, well-being and health of drivers and therefore guarantees an ideal microclimate for those driving agricultural machinery or off road is very important.

With the agreement signed in early 2019 with our partner Konvekta, MUTA promotes and sells on the Italian market booths for operators and air conditioning systems for agricultural machines and off road machines. We talk about refrigeration and heating systems, air conditioners for earth moving, HVAC systems for agricultural machines, construction machines, excavators, forestry machines and special machines.

The Konvekta heating and air conditioning systems offer just that: an optimal working climate and the necessary fresh air content for a 100% concentration.

HVAC validation, thermal simulations, component tests, cabin noise reduction. For all manufacturers Konvekta makes available its highly advanced Klimahalle to guarantee manufacturers the maximum performance and quality of their vehicles.

The advantages of Konvekta climate systems

  • Wide variety of operating conditions and assembly installation spaces; under or behind the seat solution, on the roof, sideways or in front.
  • High performance in small spaces, for example by using heat exchangers in different production processes
  • Use of low-wear technology, such as fans and brushless fans
  • Wide range of control solutions - from mechanical controls to semiautomatic and fully automatic control solutions for CAN climate control
  • Individual adaptation of control components and nozzles in the passenger compartment
  • Adaptation of filter technology to design requirements


  • Customized system solutions for construction, agricultural, forestry and special machines
  • Complete implementation of the solution and delivery of all components
  • High product versatility
  • Use of sustainable technologies

MUTA for years, present in the Automotive and Industrial Vehicles market, offers assistance throughout the Italian territory for air conditioners and the installation of Konvekta climate systems for agricultural vehicles thanks to its network of centers, guaranteeing a service suitable for every need.

Konvekta, a renowned German manufacturer of HVAC systems and components, with over 25 years of experience in the agricultural, construction, municipal and special machinery sector, offers customized and standard solutions for any type of application.

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