Since 2006 Muta has been the agent, for the OEM bus sector, of Mekra Lang, world leader in the production of rear view mirrors and rear view systems for commercial vehicles and buses

Mekra Lang is the German company known for its production of vision systems for the commercial vehicle and bus segment.

Mekra Lang is a supplier of the most important industrial vehicle construction companies (Volvo, DAF, MAN, Mercedes, Iveco, Scania, Renault etc).

Mekra Lang is the family business in Fürth (Bavaria) that has become a global player in three generations, the reference supplier for all aspects of the development, production and supply of vision systems. His experience and professionalism have led this company to become a multinational over 2,930 employees and 15 branches around the world, obtaining quality certifications for all its activities.

One of the goals of trying to maintain its market leading position is to continue to grow through innovation. By combining experience, know-how and creativity, Mekra Lang develops new products to help customers overcome their present and future challenges. It aims to achieve technological innovations and actively participates in the definition of industry trends, from initial concepts to large-scale commercial production. Its mission is to actively participate in defining the future of indirect vision systems for commercial vehicles.

In addition to optimizing mirrors and mirror systems that cover ever wider fields of vision, Mekra Lang also develops camera systems that contribute significantly to safety and efficiency at work. These systems allow bus drivers to better assess the surrounding areas and potential danger conditions, further improving his safety and that of others.