Actimo Evolution. New Grammer seat for wheel loader and excavators
Seats - 30/11/2023

Actimo® Evolution. The new Grammer seat for agricultural and offroad machines

Returning from Agritechnica 2023 we tested the new Grammer seat for agricultural and off-road machines which we were able to preview in Hannover.

Emanuele Muratori (Muta srl) with Marco Paoletti, key account manager Grammer mercato Italia, and Giacomo Cinti key account manager AG/CE et MH/Turf.

But the real innovation of this version of Actimo is the collaboration with Mekra for the installation of vibrating rollers on the sides of the cushion which allow the forklift operator to receive a vibration when an obstacle is found near the rear part of the forklift himself otherwise he would not see.

A project truly created in collaboration with Mekra which provides a camera to be applied externally and a monitor applied internally to the cabin.

Actimo® Evolution Seat - MSG95EL/742 (Excavator), is Grammer's adequate response for those who work in the most difficult conditions.

Top of the range air suspension seat for construction machinery, complete with automatic electronic weight adjustment for each user.

This premium-comfort Grammer seat for wheel loader and excavators is equipped with a low-frequency pneumatic suspension to compensate vibrations and jolts even more effectively, plus a fore & aft isolator to minimise vibrations in driving direction. 

This especially user-friendly model has been optimally equipped for outstanding ergonomics.

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