Muta-Konvekta new collaboration
Air-con - 14/04/2019

Announcing a new collaboration with Konvekta for air-con systems on off road machines.

MUTA and KONVEKTA agreed officially the cooperation to promote the Konvekta Cabin AC portfolio in Italy

MUTA and KONVEKTA are pleased to announce a collaboration aimed at promoting and selling in the Italian market, KONVEKTA climate systems, for off-road machines and operator cabins.

MUTA will offer assistance in Italy for KONVEKTA air conditioners for off-road vehicles thanks to its network of service centers, guaranteeing a service suitable for every need.

KONVEKTA renowned German manufacturer of HVAC systems and components, with over 25 years of experience in the agricultural, construction, municipal and special machinery sector, will offer customized and standard solutions for any type of application.

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