Heating and air conditioning for agricultural machinery
Air-con - 09/11/2020

Muta provides comfort and safety solutions for those who work in agriculture or in the construction sector. We are talking specifically about heating and air conditioning systems for agricultural or construction machinery.

Imagine operators starting their shift by climbing into the cab in the dead of winter in cold areas and often extreme conditions.

Heating and air conditioning solutions for agricultural machinery. For a better performance of the operators

Let's consider the difference between getting to work with the frozen cabin windshield, sitting on an unprofessional seat, or comfortably on an ergonomic seat in a comfortably heated cabin.

Before being truly operational, the attendant needs many minutes and his performance during the day is not comparable to that of those who sit on an ergonomic, comfortable and safe seat with an effective heating system.

MACS - Modular Air Conditioning Series. M400, M600, M900. Custom solutions by Konkekta presented by Emanuele Muratori, Muta srl

Muta srl offers comfort and safety for buses, agricultural and off-road machines representing two important brands:

Grammer. Leader of the comfort market at work through the production of driver seats for agricultural machinery, seats for tractors, seats for earth-moving machinery, is the company that Muta srl has known and represented for years in the bus segment.

Konvekta. The Schwalmstadt-based company, founded in 1957, is a leader in thermal systems for trains, commercial vehicles and buses. It develops custom and eco friendly solutions also for agricultural and construction machinery. Muta srl represents as agent in the bus, agricultural, construction and off-road machinery business units.

And if working on board your machine in the cold and without comfort is synonymous with low productivity and insecurity, the same goes for extreme situations linked to heat.

Today air conditioning is almost standard, especially in all-glass cabins. As with our cars, we are witnessing a growing attention to personal comfort, maximizing efficiency and simultaneously satisfying the increasingly stringent requirements imposed by an increasingly widespread environmental awareness.

And relying on Konvekta, which adopts CO2 air conditioning systems for many of its solutions, certainly represents a sustainable choice that increases the range, saving money for assistance and maintenance.

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