Legality rating. Muta srl obtained 1 star and 2 +
Events - 21/03/2022

On February 8, 2022 Muta srl obtained its first score in the Legality Rating, immediately reaching one ★ and two +. This is a first important recognition for Muta in his path towards the maximum score of ★★★.

Due to this acknowledgment, Muta srl was included in the list of companies with a Legality Rating provided for by art. 8 of the Regulations for attribution in the national territory, under no. RT12759, certifying ethical integrity and compliance with high standards of legality, transparency and social responsibility in corporate management.

What is the legality rating

The Legality Rating is a synthetic indicator of compliance with high standards of legality by the companies that have requested it.

This is an innovative tool developed by the Competition and Market Authority (AGCM) in agreement with the Ministries of the Interior and of Justice, which recognizes awards to companies that operate according to the principles of legality, transparency and social responsibility.

Introduced in 2012 in favor of Italian companies, it is aimed at promoting and introducing principles of ethical behavior within the company, through the assignment of a "recognition" - measured in "stars" - indicative of compliance with legality by companies and their degree of attention paid to the correct management of their business.

Companies with a turnover exceeding € 2 million, registered at the Chamber of Commerce for at least two years and having a registered office in Italy, can request it.

What are the benefits for those who adopt the legality rating?

In addition to certifying the reliability, respectability and credibility of the company on the market, according to the procedures established by the decree of the Ministry of Economy and Finance and of the Ministry of Economic Development of 20 February 2014, n. 57, which entered into force on 8 April 2014,

the Rating also means concretely:

- more opportunities to win tenders and public funding

- ease of access to credit in less time, investigation costs and better conditions

How the Legality Rating is calculated

The levels range from 1 to 3 stars as mentioned:

- 1 star: the company respects the law

- 2 or 3 stars: the Company complies with additional requirements beyond legal obligations

The rating criteria

To obtain the Legality Rating, the company must demonstrate compliance with a series of both regulatory and extra-regulatory (voluntary) requirements.

Over 6,200 companies have already requested it and are enjoying the related benefits.

The criteria for assigning the legality rating pass through various requirements, for example if the company is in possession of an Organizational Model or Risk Management Models drawn up in compliance with recognized national or international standards; or if the company is registered in a White List (lists of suppliers, service providers and executors of works not subject to attempts of mafia infiltration established in accordance with the current provisions of the law), or if the company has adopted organizational models of prevention and fight against corruption.

The Company must also declare that the entrepreneur and other subjects relevant for the purposes of the rating (technical director, general manager, legal representative, directors, shareholders) are not recipients of preventive and / or precautionary measures, sentences / criminal decrees of conviction, plea bargaining sentences for tax offenses.

Furthermore, in the two years preceding the rating request, the company must not have been convicted of serious antitrust offenses or violations of the consumer code, for non-compliance with the rules for the protection of health and safety in the workplace, for violations of salary, social security, insurance and tax obligations towards its employees and collaborators.

Duration of the rating

The legality rating has a duration of two years from issue and is renewable upon request. In the event of the loss of one of the basic requirements necessary to obtain a 'star', the Authority orders the revocation of the rating. If the requirements thanks to which the company has obtained a higher rating are no longer valid, the Antitrust will reduce the number of stars. The Authority will keep up-to-date on its website the list of companies to which the legality rating has been attributed, suspended, revoked, with the relative effective date.


For Muta srl it is a first important recognition that seals a path, started several years ago and in continuous development, aimed at placing itself towards the market and its stakeholders (internal and external) with a view to full transparency, in consistency with one of its main corporate values.

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