aiRLine 65 Konvekta
Air-con - 21/11/2023

aiRLine 65 in custom version with air duct diffuser. The new Konvekta product for cooling the cabins of agricultural and off-road machinery

At Agritechnica 2023 Konvekta presented the new aiRLine 65, which enables a more comfortable working environment in the cabins of agricultural and offroad machinery [ SEE THE FACT SHEET ]

In the two photos above: 
the first represents the standard product with air duct diffuser which makes it dedicated; in the second an example of customization created by Konvekta demonstrating the high degree of customization that can be achieved.

The new aiRLine system offers greater efficiency in cooling and heating the cabin with high-performance EPP (expanded polypropylene) material thanks to its insulation capabilities.

Konvekta aiRLine 65 therefore mean greater efficiency, high performance, eco-sustainable, vibration resistant, dimensionally stable.

Characteristics of the new aiRLine systems for air conditioning on agricultural and off-road machines:


Modular concept applicable to various sizes of machines and cabins

Possible configurations

 • heating only

 • cooling only

 • cooling and heating

Available in 12V and 24V

Modular series concept with principle of equal parts

Technical Data R65

Cooling capacity [kW]: 6,5

Heating capacity (Q100) [kW]: 12

Current consumption at 12V [A]: max. 25,3

Current consumption at 24V [A]: max. 12

Overall dimensions (Length/Width/Height) [mm]: 564 x 414 x 192

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