Mekra at Bauma 2022 with Vision 4.0 system
Events - 14/11/2022

Among the many innovations, Mekra presented the Vision 4.0 system for agricultural and earth-moving machinery at Bauma 2022.

Construction sites are becoming ever more complex which also intensifies the visibility challenges faced by construction equipment operators. Preventing accidents and injuries saves money and optimizes machine run times.

MEKRA Lang offers ideal all-around indirect visibility solutions for construction equipment. We enhance these solutions by adding radio-frequency identification and radar-based functionality, to provide the driver with additional assistance.

Among the many innovations, Mekra presented the Vision 4.0 system at Bauma 2022 for agricultural machinery and earthmoving machinery.

VISION 4.0 has clear objectives. This new system replaces the traditional main mirror and creates significant added value for both vehicle operators and drivers.

Agricultural machinery and earthmoving machinery are constantly increasing in power and size. It takes excellent indirect vision to be able to keep an eye on everything, drive the vehicle safely and prevent damage. This is what VISION 4.0 systems bring to the table when used with agricultural machinery and earthmoving machinery.

In combination with our platform camera, they guarantee a 360-degree view and provide assistance during driving maneuvers.

Vision 4.0 is a mirror replacement system for vehicles that uses HDR cameras and monitors exclusively for the first time. All viewing areas are combined and displayed on just one monitor on each side of the cab. By providing the driver with considerable assistance in operating the vehicle, the new Digital Vision System (DVS) offers important additional safety benefits, such as faster detection of environmental conditions, better assessment of hazardous situations, and significantly improved night vision thanks to using particularly sensitive cameras. Additionally, the system‘s better flexibility in terms of camera placement adds a new dimension to vehicle design. 

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