Konvekta. 87 new hybrid equipped with CO2 air conditioned system in Barcelona
Air-con - 14/04/2022

87 hybrid buses from Solaris will hit the streets of Barcelona, and the 36 districts that surround it. Equipped with Konvekta Ultralight 700 air conditioning systems. For more range because of its lightweight.

The Ultralight 500-700 CO2 heat pump operates with CO2 - a refrigerant permitted in the long term - and extracts the energy from the ambient air - thus increasing the range of the electric bus by up to 60%. The savings potential in service costs is enormous: it is around 70%.

Thanks to the new energy carrier modules, the Ultralight 500-700 CO2 heat pump is very flexible: it can heat and cool buses simultaneously - and cool the batteries, for example, while simultaneously heating the passenger compartment.

It’s the most environmentally friendly and innovative way to air-condition electric buses. The Ultralight 500-700 CO2 heat pump is our holistic thermal management for electric buses - and a must for innovative and ecologically oriented transport companies.

The hybrid fleet will be managed by AMB (Area Metropolitana de Barcelona), the institution that administers urban transport in the city and its neighboring municipalities. The low-emission hybrid Urbino will be delivered to the customer starting next November.

The 12-metre Urbino 12 hybrid vehicles will join 30 identical models that AMB ordered in March 2021. This impressive investment is in line with the policy adopted by Catalonia’s largest city to purchase only low- or zero-emission vehicles from 2021.

Currently, more than 100 Solaris buses run in the metropolitan area of Barcelona, including almost 90 hybrid and 19 electric vehicles.

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