Solmec and the comfort of Konvekta air-conditioned cabins
Air-con - 13/07/2022

Founded in 1960, Solmec is a renowned Rovigo company that has always built wheeled, tracked and fixed-station loaders. Solmec is a leader in the Italian market in these sectors, occupying a position of absolute importance in the European market.

Thanks to the commitment and professionalism of all its staff, over the years Solmec has in fact experienced an ever-increasing development and national and international diffusion, distinguished over time by seriousness and competence.

This is also thanks to the use of primary quality components and the use of constantly updated production processes in line with the highest standards.

Quality and comfort

For the air conditioning of the cabins in which the operators of these machines work, Solmec relies on Konvekta.

Konvekta is the German multinational leader in complete air conditioning systems for buses, construction and agricultural machinery, electric vehicles, railway vehicles and cooling systems for temperate transport.

This is thanks to innovative technologies that combine performance, comfort and savings. heating and air conditioning systems guarantee an optimal working climate and the fresh air necessary for 100% comfort and quality of work.

Muta is the agent for Italy of Konvekta, leader of mobile air conditioning systems in the bus sector which has always chosen innovative solutions for its products that meet the needs of the market.

MACS Konvekta series. The choice of comfort adopted by Solmec machines

Solmec is a company that has driven many others towards raising the quality and comfort standards of its machines. And the air conditioning of the work cabins certainly represents an important point in this sense.

In fact, operating at best on machines used by steel mills to recovery companies, from sawmills to port companies, in railway yards and in all those companies that need to move material in compliance with the strictest European safety regulations, requires certain qualities of components and driving comfort.

Konvekta's MACS series went in the direction of these types of standards that Solmec wanted to adopt, both for the benefit of the driver and to improve performance. In the example of Konvekta's M600, an intermediate model of the range equipped with brushless fans, this translates into:

  • service life of 25,000 hours compared to 5,000 for traditional brushed fans
  • possibility to manage its functionality in automatic mode
  • noise reduction in terms of 2-3 dB compared to traditional fans
  • integrated speed control

The company of the Casarotti family, which today bills around 20 million euros a year with an average growth rate of 10% per year, has become a leader in the waste treatment and disposal market thanks to its loaders capable of offering standard recognized qualitative.

Fundamental machines in a world in which over 6 billion tons of waste will be produced per year, with operating costs that will reach 400 billion dollars.

Machines on which it was decided to invest in component quality and driving comfort. This is why the Solmec-Konvekta combination was successful, thanks also to the work of Muta, agent for Italy of the prestigious German company, who is also able to provide technical assistance thanks to the widespread network of authorized centers operating throughout Italy.

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