Solmec at Ecomondo 2022
Events - 22/11/2022

At Ecomondo 2022, Solmec presented two EXP 5020 loaders on which Konvekta's MACS 600 climatic systems are installed as standard.

For more than 60 years, Solmec has been building loaders for handling materials for the recycling industry of ferrous materials and solid waste, for steel mills, for port and railway unloading, for sawmills, tanneries and car demolitions.

The new spacious cab, equipped with all comforts, guarantees a pleasant and high-performance work environment. The large glazed surfaces, in addition to the elevation of the cab, allow an ideal view of the work area, always offering the operator a ride in perfect safety.

For the air conditioning of the cabins of the EXP 5020 Solmec relies on Konvekta. Konvekta is the German multinational leader in complete air conditioning systems for buses, construction and agricultural machinery, electric vehicles, railway vehicles and cooling systems for temperate transport.

This is thanks to innovative technologies that combine performance, comfort and savings. heating and air conditioning systems guarantee an optimal working climate and the fresh air necessary for 100% comfort and quality of work.

Muta is the agent for Italy of Konvekta, leader of mobile air conditioning systems in the bus sector which has always chosen innovative solutions for its products that meet the needs of the market.

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