Konvekta at Agritechnica 2019
eventi - 21/11/2019

After introduced them at Busworld, Konvekta presented at Agritechnica all the  solutions for construction and agricultural machinery 

Agritechnica 2019 closed its doors with resounding success. With 2,820 exhibitors and 450,000 visitors (more than 130,000 of them from outside Germany) Agritechnica has once again impressively demonstrated its outstanding position as the world's leading trade fair for agricultural technology.

Muta was in Hannover aside to main partner Konvekta, Grammer and Mekra, focused on the current challenges of agriculture, such as increasing productivity and protection of the climate, environment and resources worldwide. The exhibitors presented innovative solutions for future questions of the industry and society.

After presenting the innovative CO2 heat pump air-conditioning systems for buses at the "Busworld" in Brussels, Konvekta presented at Agritechnica the prototype electric cab air conditioning system, the complete range of modular  MASC (Modular Air Coniditioning Series) M400, M600 and M900 and the series of customized products with EPP structure.

The new VD 2130/4 / 12V roof evaporation and heating system with EPP (expanded polypropylene) structure also aroused great interest.

The VD2130 is a powerful evaporator/heater designed for agricultural machinery and cabins therefore. It has an innovative housing technology to be mounted in the roof structure of the cabin with some plus: noise reduction, optimal thermal insulation and brushless blower available as option.

What is EPP?
EPP is a plastic material with multiple functions and high engineering performance, ideal for diversified applications. Thanks to its specific characteristics, it can be used in various sectors and is able to improve technical performance and the absolute value of the finished product.

Resistant and non-deformable
the EPP offers an excellent combination of resistance and weight, with the final quality of an excellent load capacity and great optimization of weights and volumes. Its high energy absorption capacity makes it ideal for applications in protection components, such as those typical of the automotive and logistics sector. The EPP, unlike the EPS has memory, that is, after the deformation due to shock absorption, it returns to the primitive form.

EPP is an ultra-light material
Its intrinsic lightness allows considerable reductions in the weight of the finished product with a substantial increase in strength and efficiency.

Acoustic insulation
EPP noise reduction is guaranteed in its porous version, with excellent performance in the automotive sector.

Thermal insulation
the high thermal insulation of foamed polypropylene is indispensable in sectors where resistance to temperatures is fundamental, such as food, medical and, more generally, for products sensitive to temperature changes. The insulating capacity of the EPP makes it highly adaptable to the application in the thermo-hydraulic sector

EPP is a 100% recyclable material.


Investment confidence continues to be high
Despite varying basic conditions, at Agritechnica the mood in the industry is optimistic. This is also reflected in the high basic investment confidence. As shown by the visitor survey, two-thirds of the farmers, contractors and machinery rings surveyed intend to invest in the next two years.

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